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synthesizer music for inner exploration.

the music of Yoyu // Ali Khan

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About Me // Ali Khan

... Love songs and nature reflections with gratitude for this miracle we be. I started creating electronic in the late 1980s and have been mutating my sound ever since. Deeply intertwined with my own spiritual life, Yoyu is my pseudonym for ambient music — intended for meditation, yoga, and inner exploration. I strive to alchemize the principles of space, discipline and peace into a sound that can support and bring healing.

Most of my creative process is taken up in sound design, creating and reflecting the inner and outer sounds of the Universe that make me so happy. To do this I work with custom software and instruments that are well suited to synthesizing slow, organic, shifting timbres. These modern instruments offer enough depth in programming, customization and performance modulation to achieve the right sound.

I feel like I have a minimalist approach to melody and arrangement. At times, repetitive (mantra-like) musical phrases, and other-times, organic/emergent flowings. I sometimes use MIDI generators and alternative-creative interfaces, allowing for intuition, chance, and some rules to guide the process. In live performance, I try as much as possible to play from an unrehearsed state and improvise from prepared themes and musical sketches - bringing better alignment between listener and sound.

I hope you hear something you love, and that these sounds bring you joy and inner peace.

Selected Discography (2012 - current)

For a more complete discography, including releases prior to 2012, please visit
Deep Listening and Emptiness Wisdom - No More Words (2018)
Gentle Monochrome - No More Words (2017)
Open Heart Communication - No More Words (2017)
Empty Spaces - No More Words (2017)
Ordinary Moon - Archives (2017)
Four Moments In Sunrise - No More Words (2017)
Devotion – No More Words (2016)
Retrospective Vol 4 – Kokoro (2015)
Star Rangers Game Soundtrack – Project Whitecard (2015)
You Are Multidimensional – Purespace (2015)
Retrospective Vol 1 - 3 – Kokoro (2014)
Awakening In Slow Motion – No More Words (2014)
Space Evaders Game Soundtrack – Mobro (2013)
Zen Flashcards – Dewtone Records (2013)
L – From Dub Till Lucid Dawn – Lucidflow (2012)
Do Trees Have Dreams – Dewtone Records (2012)