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About Me // Ali Khan

Love songs, nature reflections, and gratitude for this miracle we be.
Yoyu is my pseudonym for ambient music — intuitive performances, field recordings, and generations of sound design. The depth of my creative process is meditative, solitary exploration using an always-evolving collection of tools; a modular synthesizer, software synthesizers, custom software programs and constellations of effects. A modern electronic musician’s create-space.
In sound {with love} >> a resonance of simple being, happiness and peace.

Selected Discography (2012 - current)

For a more complete discography, including releases prior to 2012, please visit

Dream Between - No More Words (2018)
Manitoba Forest Medicine - No More Words (2018)
The Beauty of Impermanence - No More Words (2018)
Deep Listening and Emptiness Wisdom - No More Words (2018)
Gentle Monochrome - No More Words (2017)
Open Heart Communication - No More Words (2017)
Empty Spaces - No More Words (2017)
Ordinary Moon - Archives (2017)
Four Moments In Sunrise - No More Words (2017)
Devotion – No More Words (2016)
Retrospective Vol 4 – Kokoro (2015)
Star Rangers Game Soundtrack – Project Whitecard (2015)
You Are Multidimensional – Purespace (2015)
Retrospective Vol 1 - 3 – Kokoro (2014)
Awakening In Slow Motion – No More Words (2014)
Zen Flashcards – Dewtone Records (2013)
Do Trees Have Dreams – Dewtone Records (2012)