Ali Khan - sound artist and musician residing in the Canadian Prairies.

Recording music since the early 1990s with releases and collaborations on excellent record labels like Kahlwild, Cocoon, Dewtone, Purespace, Archives, Saint & Don't, No More Words, and many more.

May these sounds inspire peace, relaxation, wonder, delight and that feeling of ok-ness in one's space suit.


In Sound

reflecting principles of the natural world
inner and outer freedom
for all beings
in sound
with love
rainbow radiance 🌈
prismatic wavespace resonance
inspires absolute truth
diamond mindstream
leads to the other shore
~ ali 💜

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Partial discography

No More Words is Ali's personal net label on Bandcamp with many releases. Visit Bandcamp for complete listing.

Many other releases are available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Ali records music with Joe Silve as Tonepushers, a trippy tech-house duo. Visit Beatport for complete listing.